The Top 5 Most Valuable Tech Brands For 2017

Forbes released their new list of the top 100 most valuable brands of 2017 and 6, of the top 10 most valuable brands tech companies.

Just recently, Forbes released their new list of the top 100 most valuable brands of 2017. And guess what, 6, of the top 10 most valuable brands are tech companies. This should come as no surprise, however, as technology has played such a big part of our daily lives that the tech giants are bound to profit.

If you haven’t seen the list, we’ve summarized it for you. We’ve chosen the top 5 tech companies that have dominated the most valuable brands. (Note that we’ve taken out Coca-cola, which was number 5 on the list, as we’re talking about tech brands).

5) Amazon

Source: Entrepreneur

With a Brand value of $54.1 Billion and a brand revenue of $133 Billion, Amazon has gotten pretty powerful for a company that started out as an online market years ago. Now, not only is Amazon everyone’s go-to website for ordering stuff online, it’s also one of the leading companies in tech innovation. They’re also planning to get into the media industry as well.

4) Facebook

Source: Investopedia

This multibillion dollar giant that started off as a social networking site is now one of the most powerful brands on Earth. With a brand value of $73.3 billion and a brand revenue of $25.6 billion, this tech giant does not play around. Facebook and all the apps they own have had so much influence on the online social lives of today’s youth that they have expanded into further territory, even delving into AI technologies.

3) Microsoft

Source: Technobuffalo

No surprise here. This brand has created the world’s richest and most powerful billionaire. Not only are they known for their ever so popular windows operating system, but they’ve also been putting out gadgets, software, and other stuff tech companies do, like AI. They rank 3rd of the Forbes list, with a brand value of $87 billion, and a brand revenue of $85.3 billion.

2) Google

Source: Digital Trends

No matter how much Google grows, it never fails to surprise us. What started out as a mere search engine is now one of the main brands owned by the Alphabet Company that owns hundreds of other brands under its supervision. We can’t even cite everything they do, from tech, to gadgets, to software advancement, Google is one big innovator. It ranks second on the list, with a brand value of $101.8 billion and a brand revenue of $80.5 billion.

1) Apple

Source: Navigatored

Finally, the biggest, most valuable brand of 2017 is Apple. With a brand value of $170 billion and a brand revenue of $214.2 billion, it’s far ahead even from Google, being 1.7 times more valuable. And it shouldn’t shock us, either. From their various products and services to their software, apps, and cool gadgets that they create, everyone is bound to have owned at least 1 Apple product in their life. And it seems like they’re not stopping there. Now, they’re diving into the world of personal home assistants, to compete with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, as well as AI technology, which every tech company seems to be jumping into a bandwagon lately.

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The Top 5 Most Valuable Tech Brands For 2017

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